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Classic Harvard Flight with Aerobatics | Zwartkops Air Force Base

Zwartkop Air Force Base

Treat your favourite aeronautics enthusiast to the gift of aerobatic flight in an authentic Harvard WWII trainer.  The ideal birthday gift, flight in this nostalgic plane creates an unforgettable memory.  A chauffeur driven luxury vehicle will collect you and take you to the waiting plane.

Your flight will start at the Swartkop Air Force Base and you will spend 20 minutes in the sky, which is about as much as most aerobatic novices can handle. However, your flight can be customised to your needs. Whether you want a longer flight or a more demure sightseeing aerial tour to Hartbeespoort Dam, we can arrange that for you.

Bring along someone special, and get an opportunity to experience formation flying first hand. For safety reasons, pilots do not perform formation aerobatics with passengers. However, the planes will take off in formation until they reach the aerobatic area just north of Rosslyn. Formation will be broken as each plane performs aerobatics individually, before rejoining formation to return to Swartkop Air Force Base, where your return transfer will be waiting.

Book your Harvard Flights with a choice of aerobatics and formation flying today.

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