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The Mercedes Benz Driving Experience | Zwartkops

Zwartkops Raceway, R55, Pretoria, South Africa

Anyone who loves cars, will love the opportunity to participate in a VIP basic training course with the AMG Driving Academy, as well as a chance to satisfy your need for speed on the Zwartkops race track.

Mercedes-AMG is the epitome of performance, technology and engine design, offering you, the driver, the most exhilarating driving experience of your life. Find out what you are made of by taking part in a high speed driving adventure of a lifetime.

Facilitated by a highly experienced, professional three-time national circuit champion coach, this high speed driving adventure offers pure adrenaline coupled with optimal safety. The Mercedes-AMG racetrack training aims to enhance your driving skills and to equip you with a finely tuned technique, while providing an in-depth overview of AMG racing.

You will also have the opportunity try your hand at the wheel during the Full Day Skid and Track Course, or the Pro-Drive Course, which includes the full range of high-performance AMGs.

Feel the rush as you take the first corner at speeds of up to 190 km/h and lightly touch the brakes, turning in at just the right moment. Take the second turn, a hairpin corner as the G-force drops you to the right as you exit the corner at high speed. All eight turns were designed to give you an opportunity to improve your skills systematically.

Become a master at the wheel of the AMG by taking part in this Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Driving experience.

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