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Luxury Transfers, Theatre & Fine Dining Dinner for Two

Give your full attention to your date on this superb night on the town, by taking advantage of luxury chauffeur-driven transfers first to your theatre of choice where you can catch a show before heading to dinner.  Now you don’t need to concentrate on the road, but you can spend the whole night lost in your lover’s gaze.

Johannesburg is, after all, the entertainment capital of Gauteng and offers a range of lavish theatres, all offering spectacular performances by local and international performers in world-class surroundings.

After the show, your chauffeur will drive you to your choice of fine dining establishment for a delectable meal.  Whether you’re craving smokey Southern barbecue, authentic Chinese, continental Italian or French, or spicy real Indian, or whether you want to make the most of your South African visit with traditional, eclectic African dishes, we will find you a fine-dining restaurant that will tickle your taste buds and send you into gastronomic nirvana.

Choose your African fare from D6 District 6 Eatery in Emmarentia, the Bannister Hotel Bar and Restaurant in Braamfontein, or Flames Artisan Braai and Craft Beer in Westcliff if you’d like to indulge in local flavour.

Enjoy a relaxing and classically indulgent night on the town in Johannesburg, complete with safe, luxury transport to and from your theatre of choice, to your preferred fine dining establishment, and back home. Book your special date night experience today.

Here you will find an array of Date Night Experiences and VIP Experiences which are already priced and packaged for your perusal. 

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