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Anti-Poaching Experience

Gauteng, South Africa

Wildlife is the backbone of South Africa from an ecological standpoint, as well as an important aspect to our tourism economy. However, in recent years, poaching has become a major issue as unscrupulous criminals kill our animals, especially elephant and rhino.  Game farms have now resorted to hiring anti-poaching teams to deter poachers and protect the wildlife from cruel criminals.

Luxury Day Trips now offers you the opportunity to learn more about counter-poaching by taking part in an anti-poaching patrol. Join an anti-poaching team leader and scout as they patrol the farm in search of suspicious activities, spoor, infiltration routes and old snares.

Learn how the anti-poaching teams monitor roads, record game sightings, visible and clandestine foot patrols, random observation posts, do spot checks and much more.

Perhaps through education, we can destroy the beast, which is wildlife poaching.  Whether you take part in a one-day experience or join as a volunteer, contact us today.  It won’t only make a difference in your life, but also in that of South African wildlife.

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