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Take Your Adrenaline Junkie to the Hot Rally Track

Action_06Do you or someone you know have a need for speed? If so, we have the perfect adrenaline experience to get the adrenaline flowing and the heart racing. There are four options to match your level of experience and your tolerance for speed.

Set in the bushveld in the North West Province, your rally driving school facilitator will brief you on what you can expect. Once you have been thoroughly prepared, you will be ready for your chosen experience. You can choose from one of the following four packages:

Daytime Rally Hotseat Experience: You will be strapped into a powerful rally car for a medium-paced drive around a part of the specialist rally stage with a professional rally driver. Just when you start thinking that it’s not that scary, the professional rally driver will show you what real rally driving is all about.

Nighttime Rally Hotseat Experience: The nighttime drive is the same as the daytime ride, but more exciting – because it is dark.

Daytime Rally Self-Drive Experience: The passionate facilitators will introduce you to the art of IMG15_uq1f-pv (1)driving, and rallying as a sport during the briefing. You will learn more about rally car behaviour, drivelines and the do’s and don’ts of rally driving. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to speed across the bushveld before you’re given the opportunity to progress to the Special Stage where you will drive at high speed on a road you don’t know. You will only have your navigator yelling instructions at machine-gun tempo. Can you keep your cool and prove that you’re a rally star?

Nighttime Rally Self-Drive Experience: Just like the daytime self-drive, but it’s at night, which adds even more adventure.

The briefing alone is money well spent – especially the Pace Notes, which – if you pay attention – will ensure that you drive like a pro by the time you finally put pedal to the metal.

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