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10 Extraordinary Mother’s Day Gifts

chocolate_001One day a year, we get to celebrate mothers. On that day, which happens to fall on 14 May this year, we ponder on all the things our mothers do for us – well, at least the parts we’re aware of. Leading up to that day, we tend to Google “10 extraordinary mother’s day gifts” in a bid to try find the best way to show her how much we care.

And let’s face it, we really do care, after all:

  • Mom’s always there when we need to buy that new dress / phone / Xbox game.
  • Mom’s always there to pick up some school-related project when we fail to manage our time efficiently.
  • Mom’s always there to play taxi to parties, hair cuts, doctors’ appointments, movies and more…

On top of that, moms are involved in somehow magically getting the house clean, and getting all that healthy food on the table.

It’s only when we’re actually moms, that we realise the true importance of mothers, and why every day should be Mother’s Day. Mothers do so much more than just cook, clean, and play taxi. Mothers also:

  • Put their bodies under tremendous strange (sometimes at the risk of their own lives) to bring us into this world.
  • Give up sleep – pretty much for the rest of their lives. When their babies stop waking up for 2-hourly feeds, mothers start worrying about their “babies’” health, peer influences, future, and a million other things.
  • Cry themselves to sleep when their children’s hearts are broken.

spaIn short, a mother’s every breath is devoted to her child and they don’t ask for fancy or expensive mother’s day gifts, but for your TIME.

Few things will make your mother happier than putting your phone down and spending a few hours with her. She wants your company. She wants to see you smile. She wants to hear you laugh. She wants you to have a good time in her company.

That’s why we came up with this list of 10 extraordinary Mother’s Day gifts that will provide both you and your mom with plenty of enjoyment on Mother’s Day. shutterstock_112420178

  1. Besties Spa Package with High Tea for Two
  2. Dipped Rolled and Dusted for Two
  3. Chocolate Tasting with Lunch for Two
  4. Floatation with Massage for Two
  5. Beach Picnic for Two
  6. DBN Sailing Cruise for Four
  7. Table Bay Sail and Fine Dining Lunch for Two
  8. Perfume Workshop for Two
  9. Lunch in the Sky for Two
  10. Sidecar Adventure with picnic for two

If you’re a mom, we’d like to wish you the most joyous of Mother’s Days yet!
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Odette Butcher

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