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Daycation: Because a Break is as Good as a Holiday

experience-53847412If you’re overworked and feel like running away, but you can’t make time for a holiday, I want to introduce you to the Daycation – the best way to recharge your batteries when you just don’t have time to go away.

Is it me, or is it becoming harder to get away to enjoy a good break? Despite “time saving” technology, most of us have less time to do what we have to – never mind actually taking a break. Those of us who are self-employed tend to work at least six days a week and if we’re lucky, we can take off one day to catch up on everything else that was neglected during the course of the week. That’s if we don’t simply crash and burn in front of the TV…

Next time, instead of wasting precious time watching mindless reruns, take a daycation. Studies have shown that passive leisure activities such as reading or television don’t really affect one’s ability to cope with stress at all, whereas active leisure activities boosted creative thinking.

Do your business, your family and yourself a favor and take a daycation.

3 Tips for Planning the Best Daycation

If you’re new to daycations, you may need some orientation to get into the right mindset.p1010045

1. Choose a destination nearby

By deciding on a nearby spot to explore on your daycation, you not only save on driving time, but you get more value out of your day. When city life stifles your creative spirit, venture off to the beach, bush or mountains.

2. Put on your tourist hat

After living in your city for years, you may not appreciate the special things that attract tourists. You may even think there’s nothing different to do.

I want to encourage you to think like a tourist and do the things a tourist would do. Visit your local Tourism Office, or check out these fun activities in:dsc_0306

3. Enjoy the great outdoors

South Africa offers an abundance of outdoors activities that can often be reached within less than 2 hours’ drive. Breathe some fresh air, enjoy some vitamin C in the natural sunlight and take in some of the spectacular natural beauty our country has to offer.

At the end of your daycation, you will return to work feeling rested, relaxed and more creative than ever.

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