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Choosing Unique Wedding Gifts for a Special Couple

How do you choose the perfect wedding gift? After all, you want to give something that is appreciated and that doesn’t end up gathering dust. Even more so, you need something that appeals to both parties. After all, you want to show your appreciation and love to both the groom and bride. The suggestions below will help you find the perfect gift that will help them connect and keep the flames of passion burning. picnic_02-39c8132a11

1. Choose a Functional Gift

Some couples have gift registries while others ask for cash gifts. That makes it easy for you to give something functional. But what to do if they don’t specify their preference? You could still buy fine china, or you could give a cash gift, but what and how much? When you don’t know what material gift to give, perhaps you should consider an experience gift – something that gives them an opportunity to connect and do something truly special together that they will remember for life.

2. Pool Your Money With Other Guests

If you want to give something truly special to a couple who already has everything, speak to some of the other guests and pool together your money to give something truly spectacular, such as an overnight stay in a special place, a scenic helicopter flight with a picnic, or a private outdoor wine bath and overnight.

3. Think Out of the Box

experience-64297068Instead of the standard (read – boring!) wedding gifts of picture frames, china, appliances and money, buy something special – something that will be appreciated and remembered forever. Give an experience gift, which will never gather dust. Here are some awesome suggestions:

Whether the couple has a registry or not, these gifts will most certainly light up their day and provide romance, love, laughter and connections that will inspire appreciation to last a lifetime.

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