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5 Steps to More Meaningful Gifts

Gift buying started out as a thoughtful gesture, but these days, we constantly ask “what to buy someone who has everything?”  The joy of giving img_6799disappeared with the custom of rushing into a store for another fragrance gift or soap on a rope. Bored, rushed and uninspired, we stick with the safe bets, rather than giving something spectacular. However, science has come up with some ways in which you can make your gifts more meaningful, so that both you and the recipient can take more joy from it. Here’s how:

1. Know What They Want

One of the best ways to give the best gifts, is to really know the person you’re gifting. When you really care about someone, you’re more likely to know what they like, and that will make it easier to choose the right item. Recipients usually prefer simpler but practical gifts to desirable options that are less practical. In other words, don’t give what you want to give, but rather what they would like to receive.

2. Give on Their Behalf

A great way to give to someone who has it all, is to donate money or time in their name. Next time you give, do something in your loved one’s name to a charity that is close to his or her heart.

3. Handmade With Love

A March 2015 study found that people were willing to pay 17% more for homemade items than for commercial items. Homemade items are simply more special, since they are made with love – the exact feeling we want to express to the recipient.

Another special gift, is a family heirloom.

4. Something to Help Them Fit In

While adults are more sophisticated in what constitutes a special gift, children want what others have. It has an intense social component which helps them connect with their peers. Indulge a little, but if you can’t afford the hottest toys, don’t fret. Kids are very resilient and find ways to engage one way or another.

5. Give an Experience

We spend months fretting about Christmas menus and seating arrangements, because we want to ensure the best possible experience. And in order not to offend anyone, we buy “appropriate” gifts for everyone. fotolia_67542805_subscription_monthly_xlThis year, instead of overworking yourself, have a simple braai and instead of boring, predictable parcels with bows, give experience gifts.

Research has shown that people appreciate experience gifts much more than they do material gifts. An experience gift is a safe bet, especially for kids. Experiences create lasting memories, and will never disappoint.

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