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Bucket List Genie Takes to the Polar Circle in October 2016

Odette ButcherOn October 29, 2016, the Bucket List Genie will embark on her third international adventure marathon – The Polar Circle Marathon.

Following on from the Petra Marathon she completed in 2014 and the Great Wall Marathon she completed in 2015, the coolest (and only) Bucket List Genie will be taking part in the “coolest marathon on earth” in Greenland. Hopefully, after the recent Cape Town winter, she will be well prepared to traverse the vast sheet of ice, and still have enough time and energy to experience the magnificent polar landscapes. The marathon takes place in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and takes runners past glacier tongues, over an ice cap and through the completely silent arctic desert.  petra-desert-marathon-2014_y2q3233

Of course, you can visit Greenland without having to torture yourself, but if you  know the Bucket List Genie, you know that she can’t go anywhere without turning it into an adventure. You can only admire her resolve!

What Makes the Bucket List Genie Tick?

In a word – ADVENTURE. Her blog, the Experience Report offers fantastic insights into some of the gift experiences that are available on her online shop – Celestial Gift Experiences. She combines her commitment to experience  everything on offer with a passion for adventure to ensure the best interests and safety of her clients. Site visits to allbucket list genie adventures give her an opportunity to inspect the quality of service, as well as the various safety aspects of an adventure prior to recommending it to her valued clients.

Clients always testify to the personalised service and high quality care they experience when they interact with Celestial Gift Experiences. The Bucket List Genie takes pride in helping to turn people’s wildest dreams into unforgettable experiences with memories to last a lifetime.

Wish the Bucket List Genie well on her Polar Circle Marathon, or sign up for news and announcements by following her on social media.



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