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Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

Whereas birthdays are very special for every person, birthday gifts are also unlimited in choice. A gift makes someone feel special, and carries a meaning and significance of the type of relationship with the person in receipt of it. It is however important to know what he/she likes and what he/she doesn’t like before getting the birthday gift. It is easy to find a gift for a lady, and if you don’t know what to purchase, she will give you a clue. On the other hand, men will not give you a clue. Here are 3 intangible birthday gift ideas for men.

Adventure packages

Adventure packages are perfect birthday presents for men who love spending time outdoors. These gifts can be precisely what he wants to revive his boyish spirit as well as sense of adventure. Bungee jumps are also great. You can also look for bike tours. A winery excursion is great for the man who loves wine.  Other adventure choices include hot air balloon rides, aerobic flight and rock climbing.

Get tickets

If you are looking to purchase your man a big item, then consider taking him where he rarely goes, instead of giving him a tangible item. Your man will definitely appreciate a gift that will require the two of you to spend time together. If he is a movie lover, why not take him to a movie, a concert or even a special event? Also, you can go to a museum, a park, and other great places. It is something he will not do for himself, particularly if he is on a tight schedule.

Learn together

Choose an activity that he has considered trying, like scuba diving or skiing. Sign up for one of these lessons and enjoy learning the new skill together. You can make the present 2 parts if you are willing to spend a lot of cash. The first part is a lesson, the second one is a tour somewhere both of you can use your new skill. For example if you take scuba diving lessons, plan a trip a few days later so you can show off your skills and enjoy intimate downtime.

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